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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  September 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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hannity. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here. 40 days to go, tomorrow night. . >> hello, and welcome back. i'm brit human, and this is on the record for the second day in a row, donald trump plans to take the stage at an event this hour. this time in wisconsin. we'll monitor it and take you to him live for some of it. earlier today hillary clinton appeared with bernie sanders. they promised some new free benefits to a group of millenials. we'll take you to the campaign trail. mrs. clinton has a 2 .2 lead in a four way contest. only two polls include any samplings since the debate. the betting odds favor clinton over trump by 68.6% to 29.6%.
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more on all that stuff shortly. first, the wiggest political news of the day comes not from the campaign trail but from capitol hill where for the first time in his presidency, an obama veto was overridden. the votes to override his veto were not close in either house. james rosen reports from the white house. >> reporter: good evening. today's back a back votes in the senate and house saw large numbers of congressional democrats joining with the republicans to override the president's veto speaking to cnn today at fort lee army base in virginia. the president called the votes a mistake and said they'll set a bad precedent. >> it's an example of why sometimes you have do what's hard, and frankly, i wish congress here had done what's hard. i didn't expect it.
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voting, if you're perceived as voting against 9/11 families right before an election, not surprisingly, that's a hard vote for people to take. it's the right thing to do. >> the first override of an obama veto unfolded with stunning swiftness. it was 97 to 1. the loan hold out harry reid of nevada who is reteiring. in the house which voted a short time later, the tally was 368 to 177. almost two dozen republicans switched their original position on the bill and voted to sustain the president's veto. the justice against sponsors of terrorist act will empower victims of the 9/11 attack to sue saudi arabia.
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allegations have persisted up through the release of classified material relating to that question. the president argued this law would expose the u.s. to lawsuits all around the world even those who agreed with him did not change their vote. >> the chief argument used by jasta's detractors is not strong. in fact, it's flimsy. when weighed against the moral imperative, we have to do right by the families of the 9/11 victims. the choice is clear. i urge my colleagues to override. >> i'm going to support passage of this legislation today but i do so understanding there could in fact be unintended consequences that work against our national interest. >> this law does appear to contain one provision that could effectively nullify it and one we're told the 9/11 families aagreed to. section 5 of this law provides that united states
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courts can halt any lawsuit brought against a sovereign power like saudi arabia if the secretary of state shows up in that court or by letter if you will and certifies to that court that the united states is engaged in, quote, good faith negotiations with that foreign country that's being sued in order to resolve those claims. the court can halt that lawsuit for up to six months. at the end of that period, if the attorney general of the united states signals to the court that he wants that extension to remain in place, that halt of the lawsuit, it could go for another six months and another six months. you get the idea, brit. >> i do, james. we have seen this sort of thing many times. thank you very much. foreign policy experts both democrat and republican had supported the president's veto. those experts fear that the law could actually put americans overseas in danger. our nightly political panel is here to discuss this. fred barnes, executive editor of "the weekly standard" and mara liasson political correspondent of national public radio. thank you both. you heard james' report.
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we have heard the concerns. they seem to make sense. this destroys the doctrine of sovereign immunity which has served the world so well. but, is this much ado about not much, fred? >> oh, no. look, 9/11 just looms so big in american life. so big to do with it. this is an important thing following on 9/11. i think we have to take it seriously. there will be -- if it's aloud. the people can sue. and there is not this intervention that is allowed in this loophole and a judge doesn't stop the negotiations. it did from going -- in other words, if it goes in to effect, there are going to be lawsuits like crazy. they there are going to be hundreds and hundreds of them. >> will there be lawsuits filed because of this by foreigners against the united states? >> well, i mean, that's the -- that's the thing that is surely going to happen. think of all the people killed by drones. they have families, too. think of american planes that have made mistakes in different places.
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in war zones and bombed. i mean, look. some of these countries will encourage people to file suit. i think it's a mess. it's easier just to stay -- look, i mean, senator schumer acted as if this was the only way to go through the courts. there is another way. you can do it diplomatically. and then administration pushes for it and i suspect that's what the next president will want to do. >> sure. and that's what that little clause was supposed to do so that the families could get some kind of redress. probably in the form of financial settlements, saudi arabia wouldn't have to go through the discovery process and have all sorts of secrets divulged and hauled into american court. that's what will happen if the state department goes to court and says please put this on hold while we negotiate privately with saudi arabia. >> the language says the judge may grant. >> may. >> you can pushing picture a judge with an attorney general. >> no. >> secretary of state, his
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shoulder or her shoulder we got knowingations going on. >> hard to imagine. but, it shows you the lopsided nature of this vote. i mean, this was huge. this is the president of the united states saying this will hurt our sovereign immunity. that's a pretty important principle. it shows you a couple things, number one, the power of the 9/11 families, more than that, saudi arabia. which is supposedly one of our most important allies, people don't care. people are angry. they feel saudi arabia has supported terrorist ideology. >> doesn't help that the 9/11 terrorists were saudis. >> they also think that the saudis have an unlimited amount of money. but oil prices are low. they are really going through their reserves. i don't think it's quite that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that a lot of people think it is. >> is this a meaningful sign of political weakness on the president's part? >> of course. any president has weakness. >> because is he a lame duck. >> a lot of presidents get a
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veto override or two. this is his first one. >> someone told me years ago when i was first starting out as a reporter in washington that sooner or later congress takes the measure of every president. and i think that's what we are log at here. not that the president has really had any ledge a listen successes of any substance since the house went to the republicans in 2011. but this is something -- this is beyond anything we have seen. >> they waited until the bottom of the ninth. >> this is the end. and when the air goes out of the brown, it goes out pretty fast. >> oh, boy, can i see that now. thanks to both of you, stick around, please. now back to the presidential campaign. hillary clinton, as many of you may know, has struggled to get millennial voters on her side. so today, in a bid to turn that around, her former primary rival senator bernie sanders hit the campaign trail in new hampshire. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin is live in new hampshire at the site of that earlier event. hi, jennifer. >> hi, brit. well, as you know, hillary clinton is having trouble with millennials. this is only the second time that she and bernie sanders
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have campaigned together since he endorsed her in july. but she needs him right now. that's why they were here on a college campus in new hampshire. speaking to millennials. here's what she said. >> isn't this one of the strangest elections you have ever seen? [ laughter ] i really sometimes, don't know what to make of it. standing on that debate stage the other night, i was especially thinking about that. [cheers and applause] >> today clinton took a teenage out of bernie's playbook offering debt free college education. essentially promising those families making under $125,000 a year free tuition at public universities and colleges. a plan that would essentially make college free for 83% of the population. no word how they would pay for that.
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clinton also promised to forgive the debts of students who go in to public or national service. >> it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as our next president. [cheers and applause] >> there were long lines of students waiting to get in to the event today. about 400 were turned away. why is hillary clinton making a push on college campuses right now? basically because new polls show her lead among millennials has evaporated since last month. down to 24 points and 5 points now according to quinnipiac. we asked students here at the university of new hampshire buy. >> i think it's great that she is really pushing this now. that she is trying to get millennials to vote for her again i do people who are for bernie and not supporting hillary now.
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>> i think a lot of people, especially democrats, felt like bernie had maybe a new energy and they think that hillary offers them an older, political idea. >> hillary clinton is making efforts to reach out to young people, having lunch today here in durham, new hampshire, with three contest winners and their guests. she did have that recent interview with the between the two ferns star and has done podcasts and interviews with the humans of new york, a social media website and blog that has, i'm told, 20 million followers, brit. michelle obama was also on college campuses today in pennsylvania. again, they feel that they need to get these millennials excited and they're concerned if they don't turn out they won't have that vaunted obama coalition that brought him to office in 2008 and 2012. brit? jennifer it, sounded like a pretty enthusiastic crowd there cheering for her with bernie sanders there with her. it looked like indoor event.
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was it really big crowd? there has been a lot of comparisons between her crowds and trump's with hers seeming to be smaller. what was that one like? >> what was interesting 'that crowd a, there weren't that many students inside. there were students on the risers that had been hand picked and put there all the people in the audience were in 50's and 60's they seemed like they were bernie supporters. it was a little bit of a disconnect. it was a normal size for hillary clinton. probably about 1,000 people inside. they have not been planning these big stadium events that donald trump has been having because, you know, the turnout has been sort of in that range of a few hundred to a thousand or 1400 people. but they did today have to turn away about 400 students. the students did want to hear from her they didn't plan for it seems. >> okay. jennifer, thank you very much. another group that has the clinton campaign worried are african-american voters in the must-win state of florida. let's bring in -- hello, adam. what are you seeing there?
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>> well, it's florida. so it's a tied race. it looks like a coin toss at this point. >> and the effort to win over earnings from by hillary clinton, she has shown some weakness there how do you sense that effort is going? >> yeah. the magic of florida is that it is always so close that you point to any group. you can point to left-handed plumbers and say that's what this election is going to ride on and it's true. she got obama got 95% of the african-american vote last time. the question is, i think most people think she is going to over -- she might even match that. the question is turnout. that's why you see her -- that's why you see bill clinton had planned until the funeral that he had to go to. he was going to be all across north florida campaigning in republican strongholds, trying to reach black voters. it's going to be key. that's why you have got michelle obama now on urban radio in different cities in florida. >> now, you know the state. is it your view that florida
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blacks are subject to being stimulated by someone other than the candidate? >> well, i think the -- it's hard to imagine. i think even her biggest fans we will tell you it's hard to imagine her doing as well with african-american voters as obama did for obvious reasons. now, the question is, there are some democrats that will point to the 2010 offyear election when african-american turnout was actually pretty high, when charlie crist lost and ran unsuccessfully for governor. and so there is some democrats that will tell you that this is a -- getting to be more and more of a reliable vote every cycle. on the other hand, you go to clinton rallies. and it tends to not be that diverse. and i certainly hear a lot of democrats fretting about the outreach. we had a prominent -- i'm sorry, we had a prominent african-american congressman, alcee hastings sort of complain that the clinton campaign is spending tens of millions of dollars
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on tv that seems to not move the needle one iota and that can be better spent to trying to motivate and mobilize voters. >> i wondered about that you think that might be helpful if people are watching tv. that seems to be part of the story this cycle. the television advertising has not had the impact that had it has had in previous cycles. you seem to be seeing that in florida as well. >> yeah. we are being drowned in tv ads. it's basically been a flat line, more or less neck and neck donald trump and hillary clinton. >> okay. adam smith. very interesting. thank you, sir. >> thanks. >> right now let's speed read some other news in politics. 600 additional troops will be sent to iraq. today president obama authors authorized that increase to assist iraqi forces in the looming battle to take back the city of mosul from isis. this means that soon there will be 5,000 american troops in iraq. seven years after president obama withdrew all-american troops in that country.
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government shutdown. until december 9th and allow lawmakers to return to the campaign: it is expected to pass and the president is expected to sign it. and sign of the times, federal appeals court just ruled that voters have a constitutional right to snap a selfie in the voting booth. this decision struck down a 2014 financial law that fined anyone up to $1,000 taking a photo of their ballot. prohibiting voters violated a right to free speech. voters in new hampshire feel free to snap away. still remains illegal in 26 others states. did the media help put donald trump in the hole? howie kirtz is next. howie kirtz is next. donald trump is in wash that bp drilling teams train in virtual reality simulators in here,
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so we're better prepared for any situation out there. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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many in the media declared hillary clinton the winner of the first presidential debate on monday. the challenge for donald trump is to reverse any momentum she might have gained from that. host of the show media buzz howarhoward kurtz is here. i understand there is a "new york times" article that caught your attention. >> we are in the post debate spin wars right now. this is an extraordinary piece in the "new york times" today, brit. because it quotes seven trump advisors. all anonymously. no names attached as basically throwing him under the bus. the debate prep was awful. he wasn't paying enough attention. they found him to be erratic
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and impatient and subdued during the debate. they expressed frustration and discouragement. in other words, brit, it wasn't their fault. it was the candidate. >> that's remarkable. i mean, what does this say to you, i think all of these are anonymous, correct? >> correct. >> seven anonymous people are talking. >> at least most of them. >> no way to know whether these are senior campaign advisors. part-time informal advisors. peripheral characters or anything? >> there is no way to know. these are experienced times reporters. i'm sure some of them are pretty essential to the campaign. they may be trying to send a message through the press to donald trump. you have the second debate come up in st. louis. you have to get more serious. do mock debates. or what happens in washington, particularly if a candidate is per received to be in trouble. by the way, this is a close race. he is not in trouble yet. is that consultants and advisors start to worry more about salvaging their own reputations and they do that by talking to reporter though are sympathetic. i talked to a source all
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these preparations said the debate prep was a mess too many people in the room as many as a dozen. lots of conflicts advice others weighing in on the phone. this source believes donald trump was overprepared. this is playing out in public. >> this happened to ronald reagan in the first debate in 1984 where he really boned up and he did poorly. >> they filled his head with facts and figures and he couldn't be reagan. >> it didn't sound to me like that was trump's problem in this debate. he didn't seemed overfilled with facts and figures. he seemed like he sort of missed opportunities that were presented by the flow of the debate itself. >> right. he had two things. he had trouble deflecting some of hillary clinton's attacks or overresponded things she brought up about his record rather than pivoting to the things you like to talk about. other thing is donald trump has given one interview since then. he talked to reporters in
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the spin room with "fox & friends." and he is now talking -- you have that. >> listen to this. this is from "fox & friends." donald trump. >> no, not at all. i didn't see it that way. at the end, maybe. the very last question when she brought up the person that became, i know that person. that person was a miss universe person. and she was the worst we ever had. the worst. the sloot worst. she was impossible. and she was a miss universe contestant and ultimately a winner who they had a tremendously difficult time with as miss universe. she was the winner and, you know, she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. we had a real problem. not only that her attitude. >> so, he was asked a question there, probably should have mentioned this going in, about the perception that he had run out of gas in the debate. and he answered with that. >> that being alicia machado
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brought up by hillary clinton. this was 20 years ago and he said trump got on her about her weight after she won the crown. my point here is. >> and called her names, right. >> called her names miss piggy among others. >> my point here is, however donald trump did, and by the way he thinks he won this debate and he told that to me and he has proclaimed that publicly. but the next morning he is talking about miss universe and 20 years ago. that's not going to help him win the election. >> and all that miss piggy stuff may not be too helpful with the female vote that he has not done well with. >> so here is he talking about i told her she had to lose weight. whether she is right or wrong and we don't know what happened exactly between them. trump did best in that debate when he talked about hillary clinton has been around for 25 years. what has she accomplished. the government is out of control. we need to bring it under control. you know, you don't need to be a professional campaign manager to know you ought to be talking about themes like that and not some dispute from 10 years ago. he has a tendency to relitigate things that come
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up in attacks and feel like he has to respond. >> may tell us about the problem he had she kept tossing during the debate. >> i suspect he will make adjustments going to the second debate. the candidate perceived not doing as well will make the adjustment like in basketball playoffs. >> james comey grew emotional today over claims that the fbi went soft on hillary clinton. highlights from that hearing next. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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fbi director james comey was forced on the offensive house judiciary committee on the hill. hit director comey over the clinton email investigation. >> what concerns me, director, is when you have five immunity agreements and no prosecution. when you are allowing witnesses who happen to be lawyers, who happen to be targets, to sit in on an interview. that is not the fbi that i used to work with. >> i hope some day when this political craziness is over you will lock back. this is the fbi you know and love. this was done by pros in the right way. that's the part i have no patience for. >> wow. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge was inside that hearing. catherine, what was it like in there. >> big take away for me, brit, nearly three months now we have heard privately from republicans that they are very frustration frustrated with the investigation. they even question the integrity of the investigation and the fbi
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lowered's leadership and whether there were special rules for clinton and her team. really today this is the first time i have really seen that frustration spill out into the open. because republican after republican were on the attack. he was on the defensive. and the democrats on the committee said this is all political. and they really tried to shore up comey's position. >> he mentioned there that people who were witnesses, lawyers, who were witnesses in the case were allowed to sit in on it. what was that all about. >> that was all about cheryl mills. cheryl mills was the chief of staff at the state department when clinton was there she also functions as her personal attorney. so the criticism of republicans is that mills was able to wear different hats at different points in the investigation. and mills also got an immunity deal from the justice department. and what we learned today is that it was much broader than initially reported. >> because it was initially reported, the fbi said look, woe needed to get her laptop, because there were some emails on there we wanted to see. we needed to she that laptop to conclude the investigation.
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and the only way we could get it was by granting her immunity from prosecution what we found. >> it turns out that wasn't all there was to it. >> turns out it was broader. protections from shielding mills on obstruction of justice as well as the destruction of government records. and classified emails were found on the computer, and there was absolutely no consequence. so it was a broader deal. she was allowed to wear different hats. and republicans say that is evidence that for mrs. clinton and her team, there were special rules. >> did it seem to you during the course of the hearing, you saw that sort of strongly worded statement he made in response to chairman trey gowdy. did it seem to you that he had won the skeptics over or less so? >> i felt throughout that hearing the more director comey talks about the investigation, and the justification for his decision not to recommend criminal charges the less he convinces these republicans and other critics. all of these new details about the immunity
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agreements that apparently two people who got them lied to the fbi and kept those agreements, that never happens. >> you mean people -- usually you lose your immunity. the immunity is conditioned on true testimony. >> first sample, mills said to the fbi. she only learned about the server after they left the state department in 2013. but an email was introduced at the hearing today that showed she was emailing bill clinton's aide justin cooper asking about whether the server was running throw years earlier. >> oh my goodness. catherine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> donald trump's campaign -- turnout in at least one section of the population seems to flock to trump more than it did mitt romney in 2012. a poll of likely voters shows noncollege educated white men pick trump. in 2012 exit poll on election day found 46% non-educated white men picked romney is that margin big enough to help trump on
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election day? joe trippi is here. joe, he is doing well with that particular subset of the electorate. >> doing amazing with it. >> there is another poll that shows he is beating romney in that category by 29 points. that one says 12. ultimately what does it mean? >> i think it's 29. i think he is doing -- i don't think there is any doubt that trump is pushing that number as high -- higher than any republican has ever done. his problem is that as he does that he is losing college educated whites. which is the first time in polling history that a republican has lost that group. and it locks like it's either offsetting. i mean, the gains are offset by his losses among college educated whites. there is even some significant evidence in some polling that more college educated whites are leaving him than he is gaining with uneducated white men. so the problem here, that may sound confusing. >> less educated white men. >> less educated white men
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is that -- if that holds true, he cannot -- i don't see how he gets electoral college. >> you are telling me it helps a lot. >> a lot. >> to get the non-educated white men and by a big margin. >> right. >> but that could be wiped out by your losses compared to romney with college educated. >> >> yeah, romney won college educated whits. trump is either tieing or losing them right now. and that's a significant shift. that's why i think the debate -- i think the debate. regardless of where anybody scored was all really about who was going to do a better job. >> that white college educated people. i think -- i didn't see anything in that debate where i saw trump making inroads with that group. in fact, i think a lot of the things that he did in that debate helped keep them and push them away still. that's what he has to solve or is he not going to get there. >> yeah, he was the trump of
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the primary more than the trump woe have seen. >> he would seeing that today in the aftermath. >> joe, before you go, there is one thing i want to ask you since you managed howard dean's campaign in 2004, and dean himself said something that was pretty remarkable about donald trump and his debate performance. he said, you know, because he was sniffling. and he said in a tweet cocaine user? what about that? >> i think that was way over the line. i don't think he should have done it. i would have advised him not to can a it. it wouldn't be the first time he hasn't listened to me though. but, you know. >> should he apologize? >> look, i think -- yeah, i think so. i think it's a mistake -- it doesn't help to imitate trump. i mean there is sort of a trumpism way he did that. >> i mean innuendo throw it out there not really say it but throw it out there? >> i heard him subsequently say look, i'm a doctor? he would talking about it tonight. >> he didn't allege it as that graphic says but he did
11:35 pm
certainly suggest it. trump does that sometimes too. >> i don't think -- it doesn't serve hillary clinton well to have a bunch of us out there sort of imitating some of the trump tactics. i think it was better to take the higher road. again, i would have advised him not to do it. >> but that might hurt him with college -- noncollege educated cocaine users, right? >> a lot of people thought-i thought it was crossing the line a little bit. >> thanks, joe, always good to see you. one student at u.s. public university triggered by a character in a harry potter story. that and much more in our campus craziness segment next. plus first lady michelle obama just went off on donald trump. we will hear what she said about trump at a clinton rally coming up.
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time now campus craziness seeing: the university of wisconsin lacrosse hate response team received reports from a student offended that there is a christian cross on campus. according to the lacrosse tribune, a student at the university reported fliers that contained an image of the cross because it represented, quote, oppression and hate of the lgbt community. another filed complaint about campus mural, harry potter book series. the campus tell the hate response team that the mueller represents white power, manpower, cis power,ably power, class power, et cetera. end quote. university told fox news that the complaints were submitted to aanonymously by students and don't necessarily reflect the view of the school. that's great. left win protesters at the university of stormed watch party hosted by university students. fixed a website that covered campus news protesters
11:41 pm
banging on drums and yelling at the event. take a look. [shouting] i will give you one warning right now. >> told fox news the incident was reported to police but no charges will be filed. the university of missouri meanwhile will officially accommodate all students who dislike heir legal names and want to go by made-up names. according to mizzou student paper the man either students can pick whatever name they want for ids, transcripts and diplomas. transgender who supports the change not having people's preferred names on i.d. is a safety howard because being misgenderside a painful experience. the decision also impacts foreign students that want to go by english names. on monday, campus craziness took tout university of kansas where a meeting of the young americans for freedom was interrupted by left wing protesters.
11:42 pm
now the leaders of the conservative group. gabe lipins confidential informant is the founder of twitter rank. east president screen shots of now deleted treats tweets graduated assistant on the university payroll writes, the with the gave this mother fer is treating like a trump s. blank can't wait to see you. he tweeted f off my campus. go study at liberty university and i'm getting a ph.d. i can't wait to teach a kid some day how racist you are. if you have a campus craziness story email us and tell us about it campus craziness at we would appreciate hearing from you. donald trump has not slowed down after monday's big debate. he held several events and rallies. in a short while he will be
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test test. biz dr. day for mr. trump. he is in wisconsin running behind expected to take the stage shortly. running behind on the evening not on the race. carl cammeron is live at that rally. give us an update. >> love to give you an update about the event in waukesha. he is running late more than an hour or so. he will be having tonight's event in the venue where scott walker, the governor of the state announced his short lived presidential campaign. wisconsin was the last state that donald trump actually lost a primary in to none other than ted cruz. this was where the never trumpers sort of had their last gasp. so trump coming here is meant to say this is a competitive state but he thinks he can do well in. for the past several weeks,
11:47 pm
hillary clinton has had a shiite lead sometimes outside the margin. for the most part this is a toss-up race too. and not one trump has spent a lot of time on on the primary. he will be with sheriff clarke. very tough on law and order. that is expected to be one of the big teams tonight. earlier today trump was in iowa in council bluffs. western side of the state. very conservative side of the state. it's a swing state. very much in play. and trump was particularly tough on clinton on corruption and unveiled a new theme in his law and order campaign where in he says it's time to really start following the money for hillary clinton. and he suggested, follow this money theme, that if she gets into the white house, she would sell it, too. in his pay for play attack on him. so, expect that as well. all of this is part of a very busy schedule and new rhetoric designed to put the debate on monday behind them. even folks here tonight that i spoke to acknowledge that trump could have done better in the debate on monday night. they hope he will do better in the next one.
11:48 pm
the campaign has recognized that, too. already they have let it known they will take different approaches to prep, preparing about a week and a half away from now. much more concise, fact-based answers on policy. much more direct and crisp criticism of hillary clinton not as much repetition of himself. all of these are the things is he talking about. whether or not they can get trump to do it. even they acknowledge that could be a task. they are putting their shoulders to the wheel, brit? >> carl, one quick question. did looks like a pretty good crowd out there for a state which he did not win in the primary season. >> yeah. the room is completely packed. the capacity is a little over 2,000. there is a big crowd outside. we got here, the line circled the parking lot and disappeared into the woods. is he drawing a huge crowd in the badger state. and he has been consistently wherever he goes. brit? >> all right. carl, thanks very much. hillary clinton also held several events today. two rallies. first lady michigan show obama campaigned for her.
11:49 pm
first one in philadelphia. the first lady weighed in on the birther movement. >> people had all kinds of questions about what kind of president barack would be. things like does he really understand us? will he protect us? and then, of course, there are those who questioned and continue to question for the past eight years whether my husband was even born in this country. [crowd boos] >> let me say hurtful, deceitful questions, deliberately designed to undermine his presidency. questions that cannot be blamed on others or swept under the rug by insincere sentence uttered at a press conference. >> that of course a dig at donald trump who said finally after saying otherwise for quite a long time that president obama was, indeed, born here in this country. our nightly political panel is back. "weekly standard" fred barnes and nprmara liasson.
11:50 pm
trump tried to put an end to this issue. part of the do bait. here it is again. the critics move trump and others like to say that the birther idea is racist. is it racist? >> she didn't is a that it underminded the legitimacy of barack obama by suggesting he wasn't constitutionally qualified to be president. and they kept on doing it even after he produced his long form birth certificate and, you know, up until just even this year donald trump, who supposedly put it to rest in that press conference brought it up again. asked about it but didn't apologize for it and instead of backing away from it blamed it on hillary clinton. >> yeah. i don't think this issue will help donald trump in any way. >> in fact, i don't know if michelle obama would be talking about it if she didn't think it hurt him. >> yes. and i don't know that it
11:51 pm
hurt him. it's an issue now that the democrats want to use, hillary does. miss obama does as well. because they think it will help with that one group we have been talking about so much. that's african-americans. when you say it's a racist thing that he did, then that's the group you are aiming at. now, i don't think it's racist at all. the whole birther thing is not a matter of race. it's a matter of nationality. where he was born. whether he was a citizen or not. now, look, i'm not blaming obama for this. i always wondered why it took so long for him to release his birth certificate. maybe he realized that this was going to hurt these people raising this to some extent it has hurt him. >> you are talking about trump. >> yes. >> when the birth certificate appeared it should have said okay. >> that was 2011? i'm aware of that. >> the issue seems to have
11:52 pm
within so utterly laid to rest each by trump's own words. >> i don't know if it was laid to rest by trump's own words. 31 words bree grudgingly said he said i only said it because i wanted to move on talk about other things he didn't actually say it was proven in 2011. he never explained why he talked about it after 2011 for years and years. >> that's for sure. he kept it going. >> now it seems to me that the people that are keeping it going on the. >> of course. because what it sews to african-americans was donald trump created his career. he entered presidential electoral speculation on the back of birtherrism. he was the biggest birther there was. >> that's what launched his career. he was flirting the first time in 2011 with it. >> he flirted before. several cycles back. >> most recent episode. but, lock, the
11:53 pm
african-american community, this is a really big affront. and, of course, this are using it to gin up enthusiasm. need to as you said earlier she is having trouble putting together the obama coalition. they will do anything they can. >> what about his chances, fred? >> i don't think it's with the african-american community so much as waiting for trump to say something. but the media certainly is and here's what they wanted him to say. they want to say i was wrong. i apologize to president obama. you know, we did do this before. this thing happened. well, some of us can remember back to 1980 when president carter was making outlandish statements about ronald reagan and the press, it's hard to believe now, but the press finally made him stop doing that and somewhat apologize for having been too mean to ronald reagan. really, i'm not making this up. i'm old enough. >> donald trump is not going to apologize. to apologize you have to be wrong. he doesn't admit that he is wrong. >> got to be both of those.
11:54 pm
>> thanks both of you. coming up, i may be changing some minds but still not everybody is really happy with me. more mean tweets straight ahead.
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because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. it's now time for another round of viewer feedback from the twitter verse. i was very encouraged when i started reading this one from mark march tens who tweeted:
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nice work on that photo there, fellow. thanks very much. please keep the feedback coming. tweet me using at brit hume or email "on the record" at that's about it for us test. please stick around though because "the o'reilly factor" is up next. bill has donald trump's first extensive interview since monday night debate. we leave you as always with our favorite political quote of the day. this from the latest british publisher who said quote politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not. diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedy. if you used to dvr this shows each night your series recording may have vanished. do us a favor and yourself set up a new recording on your dvr so you never miss a show. he we'll be back here tonight tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern. hope you will too. bill will be next introducing donald trump. good night.
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♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." let's check in with andy levey at the tease deck. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show a former miss universe fat shames. what is with trump having to battle women accused of murder. and elon musk announce had his plan to colonize mars and save humanity. and finally, a man has been digging a hole for 18 years straight. some days i know the feeling, buddy. back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy.


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